New Routes Canada

Immigration Practitioner
Diane Theron - RCIC  

Things to remember


All decisions lie firmly in the hands of the Canadian government - the IRCC officer.  No immigration representative is allowed to guarantee success.   We are obliged to adhere to the the   Code of Conduct   of our Governing body. 

The onus is on YOU to ensure that you have valid status at all times. Your visa in your passport allows you to enter Canada. 

Your permit allows you to remain in Canada. 

Applying for PR or responding to an invitation to apply, does NOT infur status. 

 Visitor visa's allow for a period of 6 months at a time unless the officer issues a Visitor Record with an extended time. Not having your passport stamped does not void this! 


All permits, visa's, records etc  must be extended  30 days prior to expiry. 

Maintained status allows you to continue what you are doing until a decision is rendered. 

Do not leave the country while on maintained status, this may automatically void the maintained status. 

If you work in the vulnerable sector, you will be required to updte you medicals regulary.  

Working without authoirsation or contrary to  the conditions on your permit can see you banned for 5 years.  

Best practises:  DON'T BOOK YOUR FLIGHTS unltil you have your stamped visa's in your passport, in your hands. 

Do apply for additional police clearance before you leave the country, so that it is issued after your departure.l This will allow you to use this PCC for you subsequent applications. 

Have a trusted person have power of attorney on your bank account in your home country. Aklthough you can have online access if anything goes wrontg, you will be thanking me.