New Routes Canada

Licensed Immigration Practitioners


Important things to know. 

1. All decisions lie firmly in the hands of the Canadian government - the IRCC officer.  No immigration representative is allowed to guarantee success.   We are obliged to adhere to the the   Code of Conduct   of our Governing body. 

2. Using a ghost consultant will not get you a sympathy vote from the IRCC. It is illegal to deal with a representative that is not licenced and in good standing with the College. 

Our home page features links to all the resources you may need: The public registery to check on your RCIC status; IELTS, WES, Resume building with Roz, Job hunting with HeadHunters, Police clearances, Medicals etc.

3. The onus is on you, the applicant to be aware that your representative works on your behalf but the responsibility is shared. You bear the consequences of approval or rejection. 

For this reason, please do not take the review of your documents before submission lightly. It is our practise to go through all the documentation with you, our client before submission. 

Although we take great care and are aware of the potholes in the road and therefore can navigate the way, we need to verify every single detail before submitting and fresh eyes can pick up errors that otherwise may slip through.  

4. The onus is on YOU to ensure that you have valid status at all times.

5. You need to inform IRCC when your information changes. Material changes include marital status, changes of contact information, loss of job offer etc. 

6. Your visa in your passport allows you to enter Canada. 

Your permit allows you to remain in Canada. 

Applying for PR or responding to an invitation to apply, does NOT infer status. 

 7. Visitor visa's allow for a period of 6 months at a time unless the officer issues a Visitor Record with an extended or lessor time. Not having your passport stamped does not void this!  The onus is on YOU to leave the country before expiry or apply for extension. 

 All permits, visa's, records etc  must be extended  30 days prior to expiry. 

Maintained status allows you to continue what you are doing until a decision is rendered. 

Do not leave the country while on maintained status, this may automatically void the maintained status. 

8. If you work in the vulnerable sector, you will be required to update your medicals regulary.  

9. Working without authorisation or contrary to  the conditions on your permit can see you banned for 5 years. 

10. Forgetting or deliberatly ommitting facts on your application forms can render you as misrepresenting. Please note that it is easier to defend criminality than it is to defend a lie. Misrepresentation will see you banned for 5 years and not likely to receive an approval even then.  

11. Best practises: 

DON'T BOOK YOUR FLIGHTS or SELL YOUR STUFF until you have your stamped visa in your passport, in your hands. 

DO APPLY for additional police clearance before you leave the country, so that it is issued after your departure. This will allow you to use this PCC for your subsequent applications (extensions, change of conditions, PR) 

DO ELLECT a trusted person given power of attorney on your bank account in your home country.  Although you can have online access, if anything goes wrong, you will be thanking me. 

As always, with love