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      Diane Theron - RCIC
Godfrey Mathias - RCIC

Summertime in Downtown Oakville, Ontario, Canada.  Most muncipalities have events over weekends, join your area's facebook groups and keep up. Often free activities for children, check with the local library.

One of our joys of summer is spending eveings, weekends and days of playing hookey at a lake. The summers can easily get to 30+ degrees and swimming, fishing and camping are loved by most Canadians with good reason. 

Diane Theron

RCIC # R708394

Tel: 647-549-4402

About us.. 

"New Routes Canada is my baby. I am  Diane  Theron, licenced RCIC, a proud Canadian and South African expat, known to other South Africans as a SAFFA... a South African Far Far Away. 

A family business, my daughter Jess is my right hand and ensures that the administration of the business, the finances are in order. I am grateful to have a trusted hand behind my back. 

About New Routes.. 

As a single mother of two daughters, an investigative journalist, I relocated to Canada in the year 2000.

Having gone through the immigration process and having faced countless obstacles, I watched with horror from afar, the  inability of the South African government and their authorities to protect the vulnerable communities. The decision to go back to school and study immigration, to be in a position to help others relocate for the purpose of creating a safe, secure future for themselves and their families was made.  My own family was not too certain that this was a good decision, but I have found my passion and they all got to eat that hat!

There are those that do not have the ease of the high scores enjoyed by others - good education, experience, financial resources and youth. These are my people. My kin.  There are many ways to skin a cat. If Express Entry does not allow a viable option for you.. then there may be a route that is better suited. Provinces often offer streams that are not reliant on Express Entry.  Study routes even for mature students may provide a route. 

Immigration is not for the meek of character. It requires determination and grit - qualities that Southern Africans are raised with,  If you are determined and willing to put in the work, then I will walk the road with you. 

If there is absolutely no way that you will be able to relocate to Canada, I will not lead you on. I will tell you upfront, before a retainer service agreement is signed and paid for. 

That being said, there is never a guarantee of success, the decision lie firmly in the hands of the IRCC, but my promise to you that I will cross every t and dot every i fighting dragons your behalf.  Book a consult, do the assessment. The only way to follow a dream is to get moving. Watching from the sidelines does not teach you to swim. 

We are in your corner.

My appreciation to Clinton Emslie from ICL Immigration for the mentoring and training received over the past few years.  From internship to Manager of the Team Africa.  Many success stories, a few fall on my face moments, but September 2023, it was Jess and I,  ready to face the world on our own. November 1, 2023 we were excited to have Godfrey join our fold. 

Hope to meet you soon.  

With love always


Jessica Theron

Financial Operations 

Children chatting in a pool of water during Spring,

Ottawa, Ontario  This was a totally spontaneous photo I took years ago and these children are grown up.. but still it brings me such a smile on my face. Not hot enough for t-shirts, but the rain water is warm enoough to sit in.. go figure! 

One of the suprises is that the chaneover from seasons can happen within 24 hours. 

Nothing prepares you for the colours of Fall. in Canada. Taking road trips will exhaust your camera because the colours are just delightful.  Gatineau QC is reknown for the beauty of Fall, but honestly I have not found anywhere that is ugly. 

Hello there! 

Nothing prepares you for the  winter in Canada. Leave your boots, coats and gloves at home and go shopping at a thrift store for your first few years. Boots and coats need to be water resisitant as well as weather resistant. 

Children will love the snow and will build snow angels and learn to skate. A tip for moms, tubing down hills is awesome if you want to wait to learn the art of navigating ski's. Make the winter enjoyable! 

Our dogs, Kushy is Jess's Husky and my Zeba like nothing more than froliking in the snow.