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      Diane Theron - RCIC
Godfrey Mathias - RCIC

Dear Ms Diane Theron

I hope you are well.

Words cannot express my gratitude to you for helping us get the study visa for my daughter.

The ‘snort & trane’ after the first rejection made us question ourselves and the audacity of what we were trying to do as a conservative Muslim family.

Fighting against the grain is no easy feat here, but we meet people along the way whose support makes it easier, that’s you Ms Diane.

Your words of encouragement and patience, made it easy for this single mom and her doppelganger kid to dig in our heels and give it one more shot.

It was not easy, very stressful with lots of sleepless nights and late night prayers, but it was the best decision for us to engage your services and support from the beginning.

With your help and advice, we made sure we did things better the second time around, that today we are overjoyed to see the actual Visa placed in my kids passport.

Her grandfather is so proud of her, as am I.
Her dreams are set to take flight in December!

We are truly grateful to the Almighty for putting you on our path and assisting us.
May He keep you & your family healthy and prosperous.

If it is not said enough, let me say “THANK YOU” for all that you do to help us fellow South Africans.

Warmest of wishes from a proud mom of an audacious young lady!


Frances Ndoro:

A huge THANK YOU to Diane McDougall Theron - Rcic!!!! Wow, you are the best mama bear🥰🥰🥰!

I am forever grateful for your great help in helping me get my sons study visa after the first application which I did myself was denied in 2021. A reapplication is not easy it was super stressful and the paperwork was overwhelming but you stayed in my corner throughout the stressfull moments. Your dedication and patience and attention to detail is unmatched.

Thank you thank you thank you again! He landed yesterday (today🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️) in Toronto from SA I couldnt believe the students queue😅he spent 8 hours in Immigration with 300 other students in front of him!To those still in the process, am sending you love and light⚡️✨🌟!!

All the best🙏🏼


A huge thank you to Diane Theron from ICL Immigration.

We are so grateful for your assistance, level of professionalism and attention to detail during the entire application process!

The Timeline is crazy but soooo real!

Student Visa:

Application Submitted 16/02/2022

IRCC Acknowledged 16/02/2022

Request for passport 18/02/2022

Passport delivered at Vfs Pretoria


Passport received from Vfs 28/02/2022

Grateful 🙏

Lucille Davids: 

To team ICL Immigration Diane McDougall Theron - Rcic

Just a MASSIVE thank you for your fantastic consultation had.

I thought my research was sufficient, but your knowledge Diane McDougall Theron - Rcic on the topic has empowered me with so much.

I would recommend the 1-hour consultation with Diane. She is the best in what she does. Money worth spent!

Thank you ♥

Morvesha Pillay:

To all of you still waiting anxiously for some good news on your applications,

I really hope that my timeline gives you the courage and hope to stay positive, stay the course and never give up. Yes, it's commonly known that study permits are more difficult to get than others (especially at 41yrs of age 🤫...and no I wouldn't have given away my age if I didn't think it important to share 😊) but it's not IMPOSSIBLE! All you need is faith 🙏🏻......and Diane Theron 😊🤗
Upfront medicals completed.
11 May 2022: Study Permit application submitted
12 May 2022: Biometrics completed
13 May to 30 July: stress, panic & tears 🙈
31July 2022: Passport request
1 August 2022: Delivered Passport to VFS personally. Office open until 17h00 for all deliveries and collections. No fees to be paid.
3 August 2022: Passport collected

And all of this would not have happened if I didn't have Diane Theron in my corner!! Let me tell you...I would not have survived this process without her. From the initial consultation, to the day Diane emailed me the good news of my PPR, she has always been encouraging, honest and committed to also see my application approved. Diane's expertise and meticulous attention to the smallest detail has made all the difference.I can't thank this amazing woman enough for giving me the best fighting chance of starting this wonderful journey in Canada.

This post does not do justice to her "fabulosity" 😊 I wish all of you the very best with your own special journey that lies ahead ❤ It's not a quick process and it's certainly not easy. The waiting is agonizing and most times you doubt your every decision. But in the end, the stress, panic and tears are all worth it when you get to say you're on your way 🙏🏻🎊The Canada 🇨🇦 dream begins!

Nicolette Harmse:

I would like to thank Diane Theron from ICL Immigration for helping me get my approval for my Student Visa 🇨🇦 after I was declined last year.
Even when I got frustrated and wasn't coping with it, she still stuck by me and helped me! Diane you are a Rock Star ⭐ I'm so happy that you were in my corner this whole time. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart 💕 I couldn't have done this without you!!!

Nicole Irving:

A big thank you to Diane Theron! After 21 weeks of waiting our intra company transfer visa, work visa, and 2 student visas has been approved. Thank God!

ESDC Submitted 10 Dec 2021
Up front medicals 3 February 2022
Medicals approved 8 February 2022
Visa application submission 16 February 2022
Biometric 22 February 2022

Passport Requested 15 July 2022Hang in there all who is waiting and keep praying!  

Carmal :

Diane, words fail me. It sounds so cliched but I am shocked at the level of customer service received from you, hence me not having sufficient words to explain our gratitude.

Your level of committment is definately something we could all be challenged to attain and maintain. Your ability to encourage, motivate and persist is something that the human race needs to reclaim. Your friendliness and ability to break the ice is something that the business environment can learn from in making an experience of such nature less transactional and more geared towards creating an all round win.

Credible consultant=confidence in client to experience the best possible outcome on a case to case basis. This was not an easy one, yet you made it happen.

From all nighters pulled to attending to our case on weekends, advice given so transparently, to cracking jokes in between, to empathizing with me at times, to being able to relate to me when you were able to, you did it all with such passion to see my family and I succeed at this opportunity.

You are some kind of awesome. Meticulous in putting together an well thought through application, thoroughly checking the applications being submitted, that is what I experienced with you.

You genuinely have a passion for legally getting people to Canada who wish to make Canada their new home. I observe your conduct and I am challenged to be a better version of myself.

Guys this is my genuine experience of working with Diane. Diane, thank you. You might have an idea of what you have made possible for my family and I but we fully understand and appreciate what you have done for us.


Republished and placed on my site with thanks.

I loved working with each of you!

Warm Regards,