New Routes Canada

Immigration Practitioners

      Diane Theron - RCIC
Godfrey Mathias - RCIC

Humanitarian and Compassionate

Possible PR pathway

 Risk factors such as finances, persecution, risk to life or cruel and unusual treatment are not considered.

Your argument for staying in Canada is compelling enough based on all the relevant factors:

You have strong ties to Canada

In the best interest of the child

You are financially stable or have financial assistance through family

You are integrated into Canadian society

You have family members living in Canada

You speak English and/or French

You are furthering your education in Canada

If you return to your home country, you would suffer hardship (not financial nor persecution)

You have no way to reintegrate your home country should you return

Your inability to leave Canada has led to your establishment in Canada

You have  unique and exceptional circumstances for wanting to remain in Canada.

If you have been issued a removal order, you may also be eligible to apply to stay in Canada on Humanitarian and Compassionate (H&C) grounds, unless certain restrictions apply to you.