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Client Testimonials

See what some of our clients have to say. Some have been edited for space but complete letters are available upon request. 

Hi Diane, May I take this moment to express my deepest gratitude for all your hard work and dedication in helping my family secure our visas to Canada. Your expertise and guidance throughout the process were truly invaluable and we are overjoyed with the success outcome...

Zivanai Kwanayi

Meet our Team

Diane Theron RCIC

Diane Theron


R 708394

Tel: 647-549-4402


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As a single mother of two daughters, an investigative journalist, I relocated to Canada in the year 2000.


Having gone through the immigration process and having faced countless obstacles, including going in front of the IRB and federal court, I learnt first hand that immigration is not for woosies.

The hurry up and wait game is real. The stress, anxiety and uncertainty can kill your joy of life.


It took me several years to find my feet, financially as well as psychologically. 


I watched with horror from afar, the  inability of the South African government and their authorities to protect the vulnerable communities. The decision to go back to school and study immigration, to be in a position to help others relocate for the purpose of creating a safe, secure future for themselves and their families was made.  My own family was not too certain that this was a good decision, but I have found my passion and they all got to eat that hat!


There are those that do not have the ease of the high scores enjoyed by others - good education, experience, financial resources and youth. These are my people. My kin.  There are many ways to skin a cat. If Express Entry does not allow a viable option for you.. then there may be a route that is better suited. Provinces often offer streams that are not reliant on Express Entry. 


Immigration is not for the meek of character. It requires determination and grit - qualities that Southern Africans are raised with!  If you are determined and willing to put in the work, then I will walk the road with you. 


If there is absolutely no way that you will be able to relocate to Canada, I will not lead you on. I will tell you upfront, before a retainer service agreement is signed and paid for. 


That being said, there is never a guarantee of success, the decision lies firmly in the hands of the Canadian Government - IRCC and or ESDC, but my promise to you that I will cross every t and dot every i fighting dragons on your behalf.  Book a consult, do the assessment. The only way to follow a dream is to get moving. Watching from the sidelines does not teach you to swim. 


We are in your corner.

Hope to meet you soon.  


With love always




My appreciation to Clinton Emslie from ICL Immigration for the mentoring and training received over the past few years.  From unpaid internship to Manager of the Team Africa.  Many success stories, a few fall on my face moments, but September 2023, it was Jess and I,  ready to face the world on our own. 

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Godfrey Mathias RCIC

Godfrey Mathias


R 710935

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Godfrey has carved a niche for himself as a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC). His expertise in this field is well-recognized, with a proven track record of assisting numerous clients and entrepreneurs in navigating the complexities of immigration to Canada. Godfrey's passion for facilitating others in achieving their immigration goals is evident in his commitment to making their transition as seamless and smooth as possible.


With over 20 years of experience living and working in Canada, Godfrey possesses a deep understanding of Canadian immigration law. He recognizes the unique challenges immigrants face and offers unparalleled guidance and support to ensure their immigration process is successful. His approach to client service is personalized, applying his extensive knowledge of immigration regulations to cater to individual client profiles effectively.


Godfrey Mathias stands out as a dedicated professional whose expertise and passion empower individuals to fulfill their aspirations of making Canada their new home. His comprehensive understanding of both the corporate world and immigration law makes him an invaluable asset to those looking to navigate the intricacies of moving to Canada.


In addition to his immigration profile, He also has an impressive corporate career, as a distinguished professional with a rich background in Computer Hardware, having graduated from South Kent College. His career spans various pivotal roles in Sales, Services, and Management, contributing significantly to multinational corporations including XEROX, Konica Minolta, and Toshiba. His tenure in these organizations has allowed him to amass a wealth of experience in client management and business operations, highlighting his ability to navigate and excel in competitive business environments.

Jessica Theron

Jessica Theron

Finance and Operations 

Jessica keeps our office in order, our financials current and balanced and in essence everything administrative is in her hands.


Dianes Ode to Jessica


Jessica is the wind behind behind my back.

The shade on a sunny day.

The umbrella in the rain. 

The calm voice of reason amidst the chaos.

(Oh.. this sounds a lot like Godfrey too!) 

Our Services start with a Consultation

Half the problems that applicants face is by listening to others stories. Details matter!  Filling out the Free Assessment helps give us a snapshot of your situation, AND it gives you a half price discount. Win-Win! 


Initial Consultation

We use this time to meet you, gather information that is unique to your situation, discuss what options you may be eligible for.


What is a NOC code

What is a valid job offer

What is a LMIA

What is an endorsement


We also de-mystify the Express Entry, the PNP and the Canadian Experience Class. 


If you are not eligible for one program NOW, then we can talk about other options, or even how to go about becoming eligible.


Please do the free assessment before you meet with our licenced RCIC. 

Coming soon:

We have applied for licensing under the Skatchewan Province - UPDATE:

licenced as of May 23, 2024!


By the end of the year, hope to be licenced to represent clients in front of the IRB including Refugee hearings.  Currently we do prepare clients for hearings although we do not physically represent them. 


Specific Route Requirements

This would apply if you are wanting information on a specific route.

Temporary Residence


Work Permit


Study Permit

Accompanying family


Before accepting a job offer, we will check that you fulfil each requirements before accepting. We will also meet with the employer and guide them through the LMIA parocess. 

PR Streams

Express Entry

Provinical Nomination

Humanitarian and Compassion

Spousal Sponsorship

If your goal is eventual Permanent Residence, then ensure that you are eligible to either apply through a PNP or that you will have enough points to hope for a selection through Express Entry or if that Province relies on their own scoring terms. 


Refusal Review

Before signing a retainer with us, your refusal history must be discussed. We can do so within this consultation period. If you already have the Officer Notes, we will analyse them with you. If not, we will apply for these on your behalf. 

Previous refusals cannot simply be swept under the blanket. Each one must be fully addressed when applying for any further application. 

Document Review Pre Submission

We offer a service to Do-It-Yourself applicants whereby we will go through your application and look for weaknesses. However, we only work with the merterial that you have supplied. 

After the Consultation

Once we know where you stand, which route you are eligibile for, we can start planning your journey. 

With our usual "recap" of the consultation, is an attachment for a Retainer Requisition Form.

Once you have filled this out (if you have a spouse, they need to include their unique email address for electronic signature.

An agreement will be sent to you for review and signature.

Once you become eligible for a specific process, a payment request will be sent to you.


 Understand that nothing is set in stone. Immigration streams, programs, requirements, fees can change at any time.

Only once your application is submitted does it hold the IRCC to those requirements. 

Also, there is NO GUARANTEE for a positive outcome.  The decision lies firmly in the hands of the IRCC officer. We will put 110% into your application and we will navigate the known potholes. But it is important that you manage

your expectations,

your mental health,

your relationships

through out this life changing journey. 

IRCC have the  authority and the power of discretion to refuse or approve any application.

There are times that a refusal will be made and we are able to request a reconsideration, and in some cases, have the decision overturned. But usually the way forward, is to fix the officer concerns and resubmit the application. 

Having a refusal on your file, especially now that AI is used to help with the workload, is challending all on its own. 

It is simply better to get it right the first time. 

Please note that our fees to walk with you are fully discussed and disclosed during our consultation.


We are always in your Corner

Canada and her Provinces


Gathering your information..

All the links you need in one place! 

Our Trusted Go-To Partners

Please be sure to tell them that you were referred to them by us. There is no financial benefit but sometimes priority is given. 

If you are referred to us by one of our preferred vendors, please ask them for their 10% off code.

This is valid for any of the consultation fees as well as the retainer fee. 


Roz Fisher
Resume website

Roz Fisher


Finding a job is never the easiest of tasks. Starting off with a professional resume and LinkedIn profile can be the deal breaker. We have worked with Roz,  for several years.  She understands the nuances that you need to get the employers attention.

She has been writing resumes for over 15 years and her love of drafting words is a skill that a robot will never compete with!


Be aware that you are competing in a very live market.  Every advantage counts

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Real Estate and other new resident services

Smooth Migration website

Getting your visa is the first step, but once you have it, there are so many “well what do I do next” steps that Smooth Migrations can help you with including locating Realtor, Insurance, Banking, 
Our head office in Vancouver, Canada, and a satellite office in London, England, and Cape Town, South Africa. For a summary of their services, try this LINK 


Smooth Migration provide this service as a courtesy to you, our client, free of charge.

Coming soon: The network will include over 2000 realtors accross Canada who are licenced to assist with rentals. This is a service that is unique to Smooth Migrations. 


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Carey Henderson
World Financial Group website

Insurance is an essential tool for protecting your family and investments from unexpected life events. Understanding all of the options available and how they can enhance your financial plans and retirement income are critical to success. Carey is licensed in Ontario, Alberta and BC and can help long-term visitors to Canada with SuperVisa's and more.

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Carey Henderson

Transfering money from SA to Canada 

Leigh Plimmer
Rand Rescue logo and link to website

Do you still have money in SA?  Leigh can help with transferring funds 

Cash transfers (low swift fee of R250),

SARS tax clearnces and all emigration formalities;  

Moving funds from inheritances,

Property proceeds,

Retirement annuities and more. 

Leigh Plimmer

Business Developement Manager

Canada and USA

Tel: 1+ 678-852-4360

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Financial Wellness

Photo of Duane Littler
Wealthstack website

Duane Littler

Financial Wellness Consultant

647 671 9408

With over 20 years of experience working alongside financial security advisors and clients, I know exactly what it takes to build and maintain long-term relationships and support people on their financial journey. I'm passionate about helping individuals, families and business owners achieve their goal of financial wellbeing. As a South African who has emigrated, I can also help you transition your financial planning. My team and I are licensed across Canada so get in touch today.

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Travel Agent Canada


Coreen Doucett

Travel Agent

Coreen was my mentor when I was in the travel business in Canada. She is exceptionally well travelled and knows the business inside and out. If you wish for flights to be booked, please ensure that you have your dates and times and budget beforehand. 

Same with vacation travel.  She can guide you to the most suited holiday spot for you and your family based on her own travel experience. What more can you ask for?

Travel insurance? Yes, Coreen is also able to book travel insurance. 

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Travel Agent RSA


Arlene Daly

Travel Agent

I've have been self-employed for the past ~25 years and am based in Port Elizabeth, SA.

My core business involves developing customised all exclusive vacation packages mainly for international visitors to South Africa as well as local
clients looking for tailored high-end luxury holiday experiences.


My specialities include: hunting expeditions, game reserve and safari getaways as well as specialized photography tours in conjunction with expert local photography  guides.


Aside from my packages promoting mainly South African destinations and properties, my portfolio also
includes excursions to neighbouring countries such as Botswana, Namibia and Zambia.

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Morgage Broker

Megan Roper
Dominion website

Whether you are a first time home buyer, new comer to Canada or an experienced buyer, Megan is the gal to go to.  A thing to note about mortage brokers, is that while a bank offers their products, a broker has access to hundreds of mortgage products!

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Megan Roper 

Mortgage Agent

Level 2

Tel: 416-613-5000​

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