New Routes Canada

Immigration Practitioners

      Diane Theron - RCIC
Godfrey Mathias - RCIC

If you are a new client,  please fill out the information requested.  If you have already filled out this assessment, then simply go back into the portal and edit your information.  During our consultation, I will use this information to help you plan your journey.  Things that we cover:  What is Express Entry, Are you eligible for Express Entry, How to build your points to become eligible, How to manipulate the NOC codes to fit your situation. What is an LMIA. Why do you need one? What other routes are available and how to become eligible for those. 

This Express Entry Assessment is to give me a snap shot of your strengths as well as your limitations. I can only guide you if I have the whole picture. No judgement.

You are able to select the type of consult you require, and can choose which consultant you wish to meet with.  Please ensure that unless you are only wishing to come to Canada as a visitor, for any other purposes please ensure that you have completed the free assessment below BEFORE we mee.