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Q and A.... Refugees from SA

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Can South Africans or South African farmers claim refuge in Canada?

Anyone experiencing persecution, is in Canada and who fulfills the criteria of a refugee can ask for protection from the Canadian government. That being said, South Africans have not been very successful in their claims.

The standard of proof remains high. The claimant must prove that they face a well founded fear of persecution The reason for this, in my opinion is that the documentation that is available to the members of the IRB does not allow for independent news articles which may come from sources that they determine to be white supremacist information. Mainstream news tends to cover the farm murders with little interest and it has become an unspoken understanding that it is not politically correct to be white and persecuted because of skin colour.

To the point that to a reasonable thinking person, it would seem that stories being told must be exaggerated. The hi-jacking, the rapes, the murders, the assaults, the burning of buildings, the protests.

This is enough to make anyone's head burn. Add to this then the farm murders. When we as South Africans know that our farmers are working in their fields with firearms on their shoulders and their wives and children trained to use firearms, we understand. But explaining the constant terror is next to impossible to a foreigner. Thus the plight of farmers being brutalised goes under the radar and the fact that they belong to a very specific social group, that is, Afrikaans speaking farmers, seems to hold no water.

It certainly does not help those seeking protection when high profile cases are overturned. The case I refer to of course is that of Brandon Huntley in 2008. A case that could certainly have set a precedent and offer a route of safety for South Africans, was dashed quite spectacularly. He received a positive decision from the IRB but it was overturned after the SA government intervened. Actually, more than intervened. They through a fit. It certainly did not help his case when social media reported that his ex fiancé came out of the woodwork and claimed that he had asked her to commit to a fraudulent marriage for immigration purposes.

South Africans are now persecuting a segment of white South Africans because you’re almost embarrassed to say it, for fear that you get labelled a racist because of the ugly history of apartheid which everyone was against. But the reality is the reality. Poor whites are targeted because of race and the law of refugee status in Canada should be applied to them, no different from any other persecuted race in any other country without regard to the political correctness.” Rocco Gilati, lawyer involved in the unsuccessful refugee claim. National Post, June 19, 2014

In my opinion, to be fair, the crime in SA is horrific. And affects all South Africans. But it is unlikely to see a public threat made against all South Africans. It is unlikely to see a public threat made against all bankers; all receptionists; all swimmers;. No. The threats are pretty specific, and this is not only obvious in the more right wing media outlets.

Julius Malema has not hidden his agenda. When this man tells the world who he is, why is no one listening?

Malema "We have not called for the killing of white people.. yet" . (YouTube 9 Jun 2018)

One case of instigating hate crime is hitting the news in SA but not really visibly elsewhere, against the Indian community in SA because they protected their families, their stores from the looting and thuggery that occurred within July 2021.  This was the Malema response.. 

Malema threats against the Indian community. ( YouTube 22 Jul 2021

Man hands himself over to police after Facebook post (mmmm Facebook missed this one being against community standards?) "One Indian, One Bullet" but no arrest has been confirmed? (IOL 2 August 2021)

Why indeed is no one listening?  Well, actually there are lots of us listening.. and we are attempting at opening the ears and eyes of our immigration decision makers.