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Immigration Practitioner

This link will take you to an outside website, that of ICL Immigration, with whom we work closely., especially in matters of Express Entry, Due to the volatile situation currently in SA with the looting, brutal acts of vandalism, the request of people to find a new home in Canada has escalated. 

The steps to follow are simple....


This will give me a snapshot understanding of your situation.  The requirements for Express Entry include  a minimum of 1 year education (this could be a high school diploma/ diploma or certificate/ college or university degree).; Your work history should be in a level NOC O,A or B.  The duration of this  employment should also be a minimum of 1 year. You will receive feedback on your assessment within a few days. This will tell you if you are eligible for Express Entry. If you are eligible, it will tell you where you fall within the ranking system. It will also advise you on your options. 

If you are ineligible for Express Entry, it will tell you what are your options. From the get go, I am in your corner. 


Frankly, the consult is just as important, if not more so, than the assessment.

In order to understand the process, know how and what a NOC is, how to best use said NOC in your job search, where to focus the job search and which programs to consider as viable options, is part of the conversation that takes place within the "Initial PR Consult".  This may be the most important part of the start of your journey.  If nothing else, this  is a conversation that will give you direction.

It is not necessary to be eligible for Express Entry to book the "Initial PR Consult.  Express Entry is but one stream. If you do not qualify for one stream, I will show you others that you may qualify for. Do  not just give up because the perfect score is not within your reach.  There are many ways to skin a cat. 

Most importantly, having this initial consult will not in any way oblige you to hire me for your application. It could very well be that you now have the confidence to continue on without any further help.  I will be in your corner! 


Whether you choose to take my hand throughout your journey or not, you will still  have the information at your fingertips.

Our retainer is required by law to go into a TRUST account. As we progress along the route, I will bill you at each mile stone that is listed in our service agreement. The remaining funds in the TRUST  account remains yours. I only bill you for work that I do, not work that we plan to do.  I do not profit on government fees. They are not included in the retainer and you pay exactly what the government demands of the particular process, directly to the government. 

Obviously there is never a guarantee that a positive outcome will be the result as the decision makers have the last say.  But we are trained to spot the vulnerabilities, the areas of error that often causes a denial of an application, to pay attention to detail and adhere to the strict timelines that are expected of each process.  We also stay up to date with any changes that may occur within the immigration laws of Canada. Most importantly, we dot all the i's and cross all the t's. 

Use me, don't use me, I will still be in your corner!